Beautiful Family

Beautiful Family

Friday, April 8, 2011

Creative Thinking

So if you didn't guess from the counter above... We're Pregnant!!! I am holding off on posting things on FB and telling people at work so for now it's kind of under wraps but you know some news that big for me personally is so HARD to keep a secret. So this is my friend Kacey and My creative thinking for how we told Mike.
The test is Positive even though you can't see it.

First Belly Pics

First belly pics

Big Bro Shirt

We are so very excited and will be telling people more as time comes.


  1. Cute, cute! So did the doctor tell you that you were that far along or how did you find out how far along you are?

  2. This is Mike speaking: I'll add that I really thought it was so cute how she told me. I really wasn't expecting that news at all even though we had been trying. Even after seeing the little baby shirts she handed me in the bag, I still didn't get it. She had to tell me there was something else there. When I pulled the tester out of the bag, it finally hit me. I just have to say that I am so happy to be having a child with such a wonderful person. I love you Tiffany, and I can't wait to meet our beautiful child.

  3. I'm so excited for you! Sign me up for pregnancy pics!

  4. Tristy all they did at the doctor was a pregnancy test and blood tests. I know how far along i am because they calculate it by the first day of my last menstrual period and I know my due date because of the same calculation 12/13/11. But on May 3rd I will have the ultrasound to verify all of that.
    Trina I WOULD for you to do pregnancy pics for us, I never had that for Jayme's pregnancy so I would be so grateful to you if you did that. And newborn pics too!!
    My silly husband doesn't know how to leave a comment on himself. It was kind of funny that he didn't quite get it. I love you Mike!!

  5. ooh how cute!!! i wish i could have been there...OH WAIT... I WAS THERE!!!!! such a fun day!