Beautiful Family

Beautiful Family

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where do I fit in?!?

Okay so this post is going to get extremely personal and emotional so just giving you a warning at the begining.

Often times I have found myself wondering: Where do I fit in?

Obviously most of you know that I am a twin and most of my life (more child through young adult) it seemed like a competition for me. I wasn't really accepted as my own person because to those around me I wasn't "good enough" I don't use this term loosly as I was made to feel this way.
I tried to find friends that could accept me that I was good enough for but as we all have gone through this in school it is very hard. You can be friends with someone in a class but when they are around other people in their own click they acted as if they didn't know who you were. I had friends here and there and would hang out with a group of people but who do I really have to call a friend? I mean in my opinion a friend is someone who wants to hangout with you. Who even though life has gone in different directions for all of us would still attempt to have some form of contact/friendship right? I mean call me crazy but I did my damnest to go to friends weddings and baby showers and any other events that I was aware of and hoped that I would get that in return but at the same time I always wanted more. I would like to hangout and tried many attempts to make this happen. I planned game nights inviting spouses, children, boyfriends, girlfriends. I didn't care i'm not predjudice. But over and over again I was let down by those I once considered my friends. Don't get me wrong I do have a few friends that I do get to see every once in a while but I feel like I'm not as close to those friends as I want to be and as my past haunts me I have a hard time letting people in. I don't need other's to know my flaws, my weaknesses and use them against me.
Taking me into my other subject Family. I understand that my family was a split family from the time I was 5. I understand that being one of the youngest and a twin was also a hard task. But why is it that I am the one made to feel like I was somehow a Mistake? I don't want to go into the depths of the memories and he said she said situations but I know that I would never/ Could never make my child feel as if they were not good enough or not important enough. I have a really hard time to this day talking to my family (mainly parents) about how they have affected my life and hurt me. I don't want my sister to feel like any of this is her fault so I want to clearly state. THIS IS NOT ANY OF YOUR FAULT. Just want to in my own way try to come to an understanding of how I am suppose to cope with the feelings I keep inside.
So back to the friends thing again. I want to have that relationship (with a female since husbands are wonderful but sometimes we just need a woman to talk to) that I know they will have my back, they will know exactly what to say or do to cheer me up. They will want me to know their family as their own. They will want to have me come to family events such as birthday parties, baptisms, blessings, weddings, etc, or even just a game night. But I seem to not know how to accomplish this task or even to be able to keep a hold of friends so if anyone out there has any advice or feels the way that I do. Please let me know.

Another time,
Tiffany Rathgeber

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Birth Story of Aria Jean

Baby's Name: Aria Jean
Date of Birth: 12/01/11
Original Due Date: 12/13/2011
Weeks Pregnant: 38 weeks 2 days
Weight: 6 lbs 12 oz
Length: 18 1/2 in

Share your brief story:

Yesterday I woke up to the alarm to get ready for my 38 week regular dr's appt and a non stress test/fluid check due to measuring small. And immediately felt a contraction. I laid there for another ten minutes then had another one. Told Mike good thing we have a dr's appt today maybe we will just stay at the hospital. Got ready having contractions pretty regulary about 8 mins apart would just sway and breath through them. Got to the Dr's appt and she checked me I was dialted to a 4 still 70% thinned. We talked with the dr about having her today and she said we would wait and see. Got to the Hospital a little earlier than anticipated so we grab breakfast at the cafeteria (Such a good idea) still having contractions and wanting to check the fluid level we got to our second appt 10 mins or so early. She checked the fluid and it was lower than last time then she put me on the monitor noticing immediately the contractions. She checked my blood pressure and it was borderline high and the heartrate was good but not excelling like she wanted. She went and called the Dr. Checked my blood pressure again and again talked to the Dr. Meanwhile i live in Utah in Davis County and we had HORRIBLE winds that were causing a lot of problems around our area you could hear and feel portions of the hospital being blown around by the crazy wind that resulted in a lot of damage and National headlines. So the nurse returned and said "Well do you want to go back out and play in the wind or have a baby today" I of course picked baby. Still having my own contractions being dialted to a 4 and being full term with high blood pressure the doctor figured we would just get help in the process. I got walked over to L&D assigned a room and setup around 11:15 am, they started me on pitocin and an IV. Checked me again about 1 hour later and I was at 5 almost 6 and 90% thinned. A little over an hour later they up'd the pitocin and contractions were a lot closer and stronger so I also got the Epidural. They checked me again at 2:25pm and I was 9 1/2 CM fully thinned. Dr arrive at 3:00 pm changed her clothes and we started pushing. 6 pushes and 25 mins later Aria Jean was born. Beautiful, healthy and couldn't be more precious.