Beautiful Family

Beautiful Family

Monday, August 1, 2011

So Exciting....

So we found out last Tuesday July 26th that we will be having a little girl!!! We are beyond excited!! We both really wanted a girl as we are not planning on having anymore kids after this one and wanted one of each. And she was very cooperative and revealed to us that she was a girl within the first ten seconds of the Ultrasound. Seriously brought tears to both of our eyes but we didn't cry! Okay so let's move on to what we did find out. She is healthy, she is actually measuring 4/5 days ahead of my due date but because it's so close they kept my due date the same. She has 10 fingers and 10 toes, no physical abnormalities that we could see and believe me they looked. However she did concentrate a lot on the babies head, I didn't think there was anything to that until she said that she was going to have the doctor come in. Then I started thinking "what's going on?", "there has to be something wrong!" So the Doctor comes in and immediately goes to the babies head and explains to us that there are two cysts in the brain that could just be blocked fluid and it will just go away on it's own or there could be a less than 1% chance that the baby could have a Genetic Disease called Trisomy 19 and the end result of that genetic disease is Death!! I wanted to lose it right then and there on the table. I couldn't believe what I was being told, I couldn't even really understand everything that she was telling me about the disease and of course I sort of tuned her out trying to wrap my head around her telling me that although very very low percent chance that it could be this there is still a chance I could lose my little girl!!!  She told us that we can take precautionary measures and do the quad blood test to check for genetic diseases which would give us an 85% accuracy on if she had this disease or not and/or we could do another ultrasound in 6 weeks. I told her I wanted to do both. I didn't care at that moment what anyone else thought just I want to find out for sure that I will not lose my daughter!!! I did the blood test and in the mean time Mike was trying to tell me that he doesn't think we need to do the other Ultrasound in six weeks that the blood test would be enough to tell us what will happen. I still trying to figure things out went with his advice for now and didn't make the appointment for the Ultrasound I will wait until I get the blood results to figure out if we will need it or not and what the next step is. So here we are to today and I just tried calling the Dr's office for the results and of course they were at lunch when I called so I had to leave a message. Just waiting for them to call me back is killing me I am trying to occupy my mind with other things but seeings as how I'm posting this long blog post about it do you think it's working?!? Not a chance. The health and well being of my little girl is all I can think about and care about until I know that I don't have to worry anymore. So I will update you all with the results of the blood test as soon as I hear back and in the mean time I will TRY to focus my attention to work. Wish me and little Aria Jean luck and hope that everything will be okay.

I finally got someone to answer the phone at the Doctor's office, they said that the results of the Blood Test came back normal!!! I'm hoping and praying the cysts do just go away on there own as the Dr said they should and no other complications or worries come about for the rest of this pregnancy. Thank you for all of your well wishes, thoughts and prayers.


  1. I'm sorry you had to go through that, that has gotta be so scary! I hope everything is okay with Aria and you dont have anything to worry about! By the way, that is a very cute name :) Let me know how everything goes and if you need anything.

  2. That must have scared you to death! I'm sorry you had to go through that! I'm so glad the tests came back normal though. I really do hope the cysts go away on their own like the doctor says. I'm here for you if you need me- you know my #.