Beautiful Family

Beautiful Family

Saturday, January 29, 2011

To Park City for the Sundance Film Festival... Wait where is it?!?

A friend of mine named Trina asked me if I wanted to go to the Sundance Film Festival with her last Sunday Opening weekend but since neither one of us had never gone we didn't know where to go or where to park or how to go about it so we asked another friend who had worked up there but they bailed on us so we decided we would go this friday the second weekend. When we get up there we dont really see a whole lot of people or traffic. We parked our car and started to walk towards the free bus stations. We did find a few people on our way and at the bus station but once we got up there it was just normal people like us although few walking around and going into shops all the Sunrdance stuff was where Private Events were being held. So while we did stop at a Pizza place and ate a great tasting pie. I don't believe it was worth the drive or wait. We think next year we will get a sitter and go up on the first friday and start during the day. It was a new adventure to put in Jayme's and mine adventure book (If we had one) and it got us out of the house on a friday night but I would have rather stayed in Layton and gone out with friends. Oh and I did get a chance to pay it forward. A few months ago I lost my cell phone in a parking lot someone found it and turned it in to the Coffee shop by our work. They called my hubby and we were able to go pick it up even though it had already been cancelled. So Trina said hey look there is a cell phone on a pile of snow to the side of where we were walking. So I picked it up and looked at the contacts for either a home or a hubby or a mom or dad. Found a mom so I called it, no answer left a message. Then I said I will look at the call log and see if I could use that. There were several calls to this guy so I called him, he answered said he would call someone else to try to meet me to get it for his friend. Another guy calls the phone but he is at work and can't get it from me so I told him I would leave it at the ticket station next to the library he said okay and thank you very much. It felt good to do that for someone else when not so long ago someone had done that for me. Until next time.

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