Beautiful Family

Beautiful Family

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My BIG Boy

So we decided that Jayme is big enough to not be in a Toddler bed anymore, plus we could use the mattress for Aria's crib. So we have been looking on KSL here and there to find a Twin Bed for Jayme and this weekend we found a GREAT deal we couldn't resist. The Bed frame was $30 and the Mattress was $25 so here are some pics of Jayme's new room in his BIG BIG boy bed. He will have this bed for the next 14 or so years.

It's so crazy to me to see Jayme in such a big bed and with how excited he was to sleep in it. (He didn't even move all night) I was a concerned mom and put a pillow on his side to try to keep him from falling off ;) He is for sure not my little boy anymore.

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