Beautiful Family

Beautiful Family

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jayme's 4th Birthday

Jayme just celebrated his 4th birthday last friday March 4th. I can't believe how fast he is growing and how BIG he is, makes me a little sad. But no time for that onto what we did. So Friday night i had all of my family and a few friends come over for Taco's and Brownies and Jayme opened his presents. There was alot of people in my house it seemed so small. But Jayme loved all the attention and all the presents. Then on Saturday we had a few of my friends and kids and a few friends from school come over for the Buzz Lightyear party, there was games and prizes and pizza and lots of fun. I know all the kids had a good time because they told Jayme so but I think overall it was a good birthday weekend. I slacked and didn't take pictures other then when he was opening the presents so I will post those down below.
Riley Jayme and Alie watch Jayme open presents
Jayme says "Cheese" after opening all his presents
Uncle Brandon
Mom looking at pictures of Jayme that Grandma Donna made him
Grammy and Papa
Uncle Eric, Aunt Julie and Wyatt
Uncle Randy, Aunt Emily and Elizabeth
Daddy helping Jayme open a present

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